Kim Jae Wook And Lee El’s Agencies Respond To Dating Rumors

They addressed the rumors.

Actor Kim Jae Wook and actress Lee El has responded to their recent dating rumors.

A representative of Kim Jae Wook’s agency denied accusations and clarified that the hand in the photo was not Kim Jae Wook.

The hand in the photo that has been receiving attention online is not Kim Jae Wook’s hand. In fact, Kim Jae Wook does not have a mole on his hand. False information has been spreading. The person in the photo is not Kim Jae Wook and the dating rumors are not true.

ㅡ Representative of Kim Jae Wook’s agency


A representative of Lee El’s agency also confirmed that the photo was a misunderstanding and that the rumors are not true.

The photo is a misunderstanding. All of it is not true. The dating rumors of the two actors have continuously been brought up but the two are not in a relationship.

ㅡ Representative of Lee El’s agency


Rumors of the two actors’ relationship began spreading for the second time after some netizens claimed that the photo of a man’s hand wearing a similar ring that Lee El was wearing was Kim Jae Wook’s hand.


This was the second time their dating rumors spread with the first occurring Lee El posted and deleted a photo of Kim Jae Wook sleeping on her Instagram. Both actors had denied rumors the first time around as well.