Kim Jaehwan Announces That His Health Condition Has Gotten Better

He will continue his schedules as planned.

Singer Kim Jaehwan has revealed that his health condition has gotten much better since the previous day.

On May 28, Kim Jaehwan suffered from a high fever but received an IV and went up on stage to pull through his performance on SBS MTV‘s The Show.


On this day, Kim Jaehwan successfully completed his performance despite his health condition and won his first music trophy.


Following this schedule, however, his fever became worse and he is said to have gone back to the hospital, worrying fans.

(Kim Jaehwan) had a high fever since the morning as a symptom of the cold. He received an IV during lunchtime and appeared on The Show as scheduled. His fever continued to get worse so he went back to the hospital.

ㅡ Swing Entertainment


Thankfully, Kim Jaehwan’s condition has gotten much better and he is expected to appear on May 29th’s episode of Show Champion as well.

He’s gotten much better and we are continuously monitoring his health condition. He will participate in his schedules as planned.

ㅡ Kim Jae Hwan’s agency


Meanwhile, Kim Jaehwan released his first mini album, Another, on May 20 and has officially begun promotions as a sol singer. Within just one week, Kim Jaehwan sold over 93,000 albums and has been making extraordinary achievements in the first steps of his solo career thus far.

He has also recently completed his first solo fan meeting, “MIN:D”, and expected to embark on his first global fan meeting tour to Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malasia. He will also continue promotions for his new debut song, “Begin Again”, as well.

Source: Osen