Kim Jaehwan Serenaded Audience With Guitar And Angelic Voice On “Immortal Voice”

He won the 400th-episode special.

Kim Jaehwan appeared on the latest episode of Immortal Song 2 and serenaded the audience with his guitar and melodic voice.

Immortal Song 2 is a music competition program which features singers who perform their reinterpreted versions of songs.


Kim Jaehwan appeared on the 400th special episode of the program aired on April 27 alongside Ali, Jung Dong Ha, Gummy, NCT DREAM and JBJ 95.


On this day, Kim Jae Hwan sang “I Believe” by Shin Seung Hun, which is famous for being one of the soundtracks for the film My Sassy Girl.


He began the song with only his voice and guitar.


Then from the second verse, he put down his guitar and focused solely on his vocals, completely mesmerizing the audience with his angelic voice.


Gummy, who was watching, complimented Kim Jaehwan on his performance.

(His voice) is clear and pure, and has power. It’s not easy to play the guitar (while singing(.

ㅡ Gummy


On this day, Kim Jaehwan expressed that he had mixed emotions about becoming a solo artist but that he did not have any regrets.

I’m at a time when I’m standing alone apart from Wanna One. My mind was complicated but I’m happy because I have no regrets.

ㅡ Kim Jaehwan


Listen to Kim Jaehwan’s performance below:




Source: Dispatch

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