Kim Jaehwan Delivers Heartfelt Messages To Fans Through Body Tattoos During Wanna One’s Final Concerts

Fans were touched.

Kim Jaehwan delivered a message to fans during Wanna One‘s final “Therefore” concerts in a very special way.

Wanna One held their final concert as a group together from January 24 to January 27 at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul. It Wanna One’s final schedule after 1 year and 6 months of promoting together and became a special memory for both fans and the members.


On these four days, Kim Jaehwan chose to wear tattoo stickers on his neck and while it may be easy to assume that they were just another accessory, when looked at more closely, there lied a special message.


Each day, Kim Jaehwan wore a different tattoo on his neck and each time, fans were touched. On the first day, January 24, his tattoo read, “amare aeternum (eternal love).”


On the second day, January 25, it said, “una in perpetumm (together forever).”


The third day’s tattoo read, “amare aeternum (eternal love).”


And on the final day, it said, “tempus fugit amor manet (time flies but love remains forever.”


Fans were touched by Jaehwan’s final messages and agreed that their love will remain forever!

“Kim Jaehwan the meaning of your tattoo…I’m crying…
Jaehwan, I love you so much let’s be together forever.”

“This is the meaning of Kim Jaehwan’s tattoo.
It hurts my heart so much because it sounds like he’s talking to us.
Time flies, but love remains forever.”

Source: Dispatch