Kim Jaejoong Spills On The Female Idol Who Warned Him Not To “Fall” For Her During Their Trainee Days

She showcased her confidence by also telling him not to ask her out! 😂

Kim Jaejoong has gained attention after revealing that a female idol once warned him not to confess his feelings to her when they were trainees.

Kim Jaejoong | @jj_1986_jj

Jaejoong has been making netizens LOL with his recent videos, bringing on different idols and celebrities to chat with about everything and everything. In the recent episode, Jaejoong had to try and guess who it could be.

While it seemed to be someone he had known for a while, it wasn’t surprising that he brought up members of Girls’ Generation.

The members of Girls’ Generation | @sbskpop/Twitter

In particular, he pointed out that among the members, he spoke about YoonA.

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA | @yoona__lim/Instagram

Jaejoong explained that amongst all the members of the group, he remembered how funny YoonA was.

He then revealed a hilarious anecdote from their trainee days at SM Entertainment, and it really showcased the confidence of YoonA.

Jaejoong explained that YoonA came up to him and said, “Promise not to fall for me or ask me out,” referring to the case that he shouldn’t get any feelings for her or ask to date her.

Thinking back, even Jaejoong was shocked that a trainee had so much confidence and self-esteem.

Jaejoong then went on to say that he thought YoonA was “too pretty,” and those kinds of people weren’t his ideal type or preference when it came to dating.

After his anecdote, it switched to one of the staff on the show saying, “You got dumped by YoonA before you spoke to her.”

When the video was shared, netizens couldn’t get over YoonA’s unexpected confidence while she was a trainee. In particular, they loved how the staff joked that Jaejoong got “dumped” by the idol before even really getting the chance.

While YoonA is known as one of the Golden Girls of K-Pop, it’s hilarious that Jaejoong shared the unexpected confidence she had at such a young age and before debuting. Considering how beautiful YoonA is, it’s not surprising that she would’ve had a lot of admirers.

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