Kim Jaejoong Blatantly Flirts With MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul And Is Flustered By The Results

Jaejoong’s rizz is unmatched.

As of late, Kim Jaejoong, a former member of TVXQ and member of JYJ, has branched out into a new entertainment realm — YouTube. The star is the host of his variety program titled JaeFriends.

Kim Jaejoong | DAZED Korea

In the last episode, Jaejoong entertained fans as he interviewed INFINITE‘s Sungjong and TEEN TOP‘s Niel, hilariously mixing up the two at one point during the show.

Jaejoong starts the newest episode by noticing there is something different about the drawing he is given to help him guess who the guest is, instantly noticing that they are a “female guest.”

After spending time trying to guess who it is, it is revealed to be MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul, who is known to be a huge TVXQ fan.

The two idols spend time talking about their ages, with Jaejoong noting that though Moonbyul was just an elementary school student when he debuted, they were both in their thirties now. When Moonbyul asks if she is “getting old fast,” Jaejoong compliments her saying she is pretty.

Jaejoong then mentions that one of the show’s rules is that the guests must share their number with him. Moonbyul asks, “What do you do with it?” earning laughs from the male idol and the staff before it is explained that it is so they can be friends.

As the episode progresses, the two eat and get comfortable as Jaejoong pours drinks. When Moonbyul asks about his drinking limit, he cheekily replies, “Enough to take you home.



Moonbyul is not shaken at all, saying she can get home on her own. Jaejoong laughs at his failed joke, gesturing between the two of them while saying, “friend zone.

Fans found this moment incredibly hilarious, admitting they would probably fall for his charms, unlike Moonbyul!

You can check out the full episode below.