This Famous Idol Says He Needs To Get Married This Year Or Else

He needs to get married this year or else…

JYJ‘s Kim Jaejoong appeared on Taste Of Dating Season 2, where he witnessed a couple go to a Tarot Card reading. When host Park Narae asked if any of the panel members went to get a card reading recently, Kim Jaejoong confessed that he went to ask about his future but the reading was very direct!


He revealed that the reading claimed he needed to get married this year or he won’t be getting married for the next 10 years!

I went to get a card reading, and they said if I don’t get married this year I won’t get married for the next 10 years.

— Kim Jaejoong


Park Narae then made an observation claiming, “That reading means that he’s already met someone who he may potentially marry.” Kim Jaejoong confirmed that the reader claimed that his future bride was already closeby!


Then suddenly, Park Narae humorously concluded that the future bride was she! Kim Jaejoong couldn’t help but burst out in laughter at her adorable joke!


Kim Jaejoong turned 33-years-old this year and has become a legend in the entertainment industry since 2003 when he first debuted with TVXQ.


Will Jaejoong be ringing the wedding bells this year or when he’s 42-years-old in 2029? We’ll have to find out within the next 5 months!

Source: Xports News