Kim Jaejoong Says He Can Never Do This Because Of His 8 Older Sisters

It’s basically impossible.

During the recent episode of Taste Of Love, the topic of weddings came up when one of the couples held a fake traditional wedding. After watching the couple experience getting married, MC Park Narae asked Kim Jaejoong if he would be okay with a small wedding.


Kim Jaejoong shocked the studio when he revealed that he can never hold a small wedding because he has 8 older sisters!

Even if I wanted a small wedding, it’s impossible because I have 8 sisters.

— Kim Jaejoong


Kim Jaejoong indeed has 8 older sisters! He’s the only son and the youngest of the 9 siblings. Photos of him and his large family had gone viral in the past!


And each of the sisters are just as beautiful as he is!


What a large celebration it would be for when the eight sisters send their baby brother off at his wedding!

Source: MK Sports