Kim Jang Hoon fined $1,000 for inflight smoking

Veteran singer Kim Jang Hoon is reported to have been charged with an indictment after smoking on a flight from France to South Korea. 

According to the Incheon Police on January 19th, Kim Jang Hoon was fined for $1000 after charged with smoking while on a flight.

It was revealed that on December 15th, Kim Jang Hoon flew with Korean Air (KE902) from Charles de Gaulle International Airport, France to Incheon International Airport, South Korea where he was warned of smoking onboard. It was revealed that he entered one of the washrooms and started smoking when the warning sign came on with the flight attendants rushing towards the washroom to stop him.

In a statement following the incident, Kim Jang Hoon expressed that, “I was stressed out from the recent cancellation of the concert and was feeling extremely nervous due to my panic disorder. I tried to calm myself down with a cigarette.”

The police citizen’s committee decided unanimously that a summary indictment seems fair for this case and revealed that, “He is a first time offender and the fact that he apologized right away when the flight attendants stopped him cause us to keep it at a summary indictment rather than to take it to court.”

Source: Yonhap