Audiences Are Floored After Learning About Actor Nam Goong Min’s Special Relationship With His “One Dollar Lawyer” Co-Star Kim Ji Eun

He may have saved her career.

Audiences were touched by the revelation of Actor Nam Goong Min‘s special relationship with One Dollar Lawyer co-star Kim Ji Eun.

Kim Ji Eun | SBS
Nam Goong Min | @min_namkoong/Instagram

With the immense success of SBS‘s K-Drama One Dollar Lawyer, understandably, fans are curious to learn more about the actors. Fans, however, were shocked to learn that Nam Goong Min may have once saved Kim Ji Eun’s career.

Kim Ji Eun is arguably one of Korea’s fastest-rising stars. The actor, who is known for her uncanny resemblance to ITZY‘s Ryujin, debuted in 2016 and got her first break in 2021 when she played the third leading role in The Veil, which also starred Nam Goong Min.

Kim Ji Eun in the veil | MBC

The actor spoke about the hardships she endured when she wasn’t well-known in a previous appearance on a variety show.

When I wasn’t well-known, I sold jewelry at a mall and worked at a cafe, convenience store, beer hall, and clothing store. Even now, although luckily I have secured my next role, I am living at a friend’s house.

— Kim Ji Eun

According to an online post going viral, when Kim Ji Eun auditioned for The Veil, she had planned on giving up on her dreams and moving back to her hometown if she didn’t get it. After Kim Ji Eun got the role in The Veil, the drama’s director told her that Nam Goong Min had made a strong argument for her. The two had previously acted in Dr. Prisoner, where Kim Ji Eun played a small role.

Kim Ji Eun is said to have later asked Nam Goong Min why he put in a good word to her, to which the actor replied.

Seeing how you’re so passionate but couldn’t catch a break reminded me of myself.

— Kim Ji Eun

Audiences may not know that Nam Goong Min made his debut in 2003 but didn’t get his big break until KBS‘s Good Manager in 2017. Ever since then, the actor has achieved a slew of hit dramas such as Dr. Prisoner, Distorted, Stove League, Awaken, and The Veil, and in the process, become one of Korea’s most bankable actors.

Netizens reacted to the special bond between the actors, with many praising Nam Goong Min.

  • “She’s pretty.”
  • “They’re the hottest actors at the moment.”
  • “No wonder she keeps acting with him.”
  • “Nam Goong Min is very loyal. That’s very cool.”
  • “In the beginning, when I saw Nam Goong Min appear in smaller roles, I didn’t think he would become this popular. It’s amazing. Ever since The Manager, all of his dramas were hits. He has a good eye when it comes to projects, but it is also his acting. I can only imagine how much he had to work to achieve all of his success. It seems all of a sudden Nam Goong Min has become one of the actors you can trust.”

Nam Goong Min and Kim Ji Eun are currently appearing in SBS’s drama One Dollar Lawyer. The drama about a lawyer who charges a one-dollar fee to clients has quickly become the nation’s most-watched primetime drama. The drama’s ratings have steadily risen from its first episode’s 8.1% rating to its sixth and most recent episode’s 13.4%. The drama is the third time Nam Goong Min and Kim Ji Eun are acting together.

Haven’t started watching the drama? Check out its teaser trailer in the link below!

Source: Wikitree and ppomppu
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