Kim Jin Young Is Determined To “Work Himself To Death” Despite Having The Busiest Year Ever After “Single’s Inferno”

It all started with audiences watching him date on TV.

YouTuber and TV personality Kim Jin Young (also known as Dex) opened up about his exhaustingly busy schedule and how he is enduring it.

Kim Jin Young, also known as Dex | @dex_xeb/Instagram

On September 25, Kim Jin Young uploaded a video on his YouTube channel, where he talked about his rise to fame after filming the popular Netflix dating show Single’s Inferno 2.

Kim Jin Young on “Single’s Inferno 2” | Netflix 

He shared that he didn’t have many offers to be on other programs after filming Single’s Inferno, except for Game of Blood 2, a survival reality show.

After filming for Single’s Inferno 2, I didn’t have many opportunites to be on any shows. When I was in Thailand, I got an offer from Game of Blood 2. At that time, I had a lot to think about. I was thinking if I should or should not continue after Single’s Inferno, and we discussed that a lot. I didn’t want to limit myself and thought I must go on the show. I pushed the show [to my company] and went on Game of Blood 2.

— Kim Jin Young

Kim Jin Young in “Game of Blood 2” | MBC

Although he had a lot of free time after filming Single’s Inferno, things changed drastically after the show was released. Kim Jin Young shared that when he was filming Game of Blood 2Single’s Inferno 2 gained momentum, and he got calls from everyone. He became so busy afterward that his manager sent him a list of 20 things he had to do each day.

In the recent video, he checked his calendar and noticed that he started getting many schedules after he returned from filming Game of Blood 2 in April. He was busy with photo shoots, interviews, and featuring on other people’s YouTube channels.

Kim Jin Young explains his busy schedule after “Single’s Inferno 2” | Dex101/YouTube

After that, Kim Jin Young appeared on Adventure by Accident, then even went on Running Man.

Then, in July, he went to Hong Kong and attended the Blue Dragon Awards, where he won the Rookie of the Year award for male entertainers.

Who knew that I would be going to the Blue Dragon Awards? Unexpectedly, I got the Rookie of the Year award.

— Kim Jin Young 

Kim Jin Young accepting the Rookie of the Year award at the Blue Dragon Awards | @dex_xeb/Instagram

There, he even met Choi Min Sik, an actor he admired, and shook his hand. Kim Jin Young expressed how happy he was that Choi Min Sik recognized and congratulated him for winning the award.

Kim Jin Young shakes hands with actor Choi Min Sik. | Dex101/YouTube

However, with his success came struggles. Kim Jin Young opened up about how his business burnt him out. He said that instead of canceling his schedules, he was committed to pushing himself “to death” metaphorically.

Recently, I feel like I put myself at the endge of a cliff. That’s my current situation. So I even thought, ‘Should I cancel everything?’ It was to that extent… While I was in that stressful situation, I had more work coming in. I thought to myself then, ‘I might just have to work myself to death this year.’ Before, I would have cancelled all those works, but I accepted all of them. Rather than focusing on the details, I should just close my eyes and push myself now. That’s how I’m working these days.

— Kim Jin Young


He claimed that for the rest of this year, he will keep pushing himself so he doesn’t regret it later. And although he may feel overwhelmed with work, he shared that his past experiences help him see things from a thankful perspective.

I had a lot of hard times in the past, so I keep telling myself I need to be grateful and thankful for these moments.

— Kim Jin Young

| @dex_xeb/Instagram

Kim Jin Young is a former UDT (Underwater Demolition Team) soldier and YouTuber. He made his TV debut with Toy Soldiers in 2020, became recognized after appearing in Single’s Inferno 2, and has been actively appearing in programs since. He recently made audiences swoon with his powerful heroic moments in Netflix’s Zombieverse and is currently starring in Men on Fire. He will be a host on the upcoming season three of Single’s Inferno.

Source: Dex101/YouTube and Wikitree