Kim Jong Kook gives thoughtful answer when approached on MERS situation in Hong Kong

Singer and entertainer Kim Jong Kook has been approached with questions regarding MERS during his visit to Hong Kong.

On June 7th, Chinese media reported that Kim Jong Kook garnered much attention at the 2015 Hong Kong Youth Music Festival for appearing without any mask despite the MERS outbreak in Korea.

In light of the urgent health issues in Korea, Kim Jong Kook was approached with questions regarding MERS at the event. When the reporters asked why he didn’t wear masks, he answered, “Many fans are here today [to get a glimpse of me], they can’t see my face if I wear the mask. I hear that people with a good immune system can overcome it. Let’s all be careful together. “

Additionally, Kim Jong Kook commented on being out of a relationship, “Currently I am solo. Because I am working most of the time, I cannot be a good boyfriend even if I were to have a girlfriend. To marry now, I have much work to do. Although I need to go soon, I am not rushing into it yet.”

Kim Jong Kook and T-ARA have both made a guest appearance at the 2015 Hong Kong Youth Music Festival on June 6th. Kim Jong Kook melted the hearts of the audience with songs “Today More Than Yesterday,” “One Man,” and “Lovable.”

Source: Star News