Kim Jong Kook Wants Everyone To Watch A Movie For Lee Kwang Soo’s Butt Scene

“Make sure to watch it.”

During the recent episode of Running Man, Yang Se Chan brought up his past mistake of thinking their guest actress Shin Hye Seon was older than he was just because she was taller than him.

Jeon So Min immediately jumped in to tease, “Then you should call Lee Kwang Soo, ‘grandpa’.

As Lee Kwang Soo and Se Chan began to bicker, Se Chan dropped the ultimate bomb, saying “Well, he has a grandpa butt, so…

The whole cast burst into laughter as Kim Jong Kook clarified to those who don’t know what their referring to by explaining that Lee Kwang Soo’s butt was a “scene-stealer” during the movie “Tazza: One Eyed Jack”!

Kim Jong Kook said, “Make sure to watch it.

The three friends are referring to Lee Kwang Soo’s role in the movie, where he briefly showed his completely naked backside to the camera!

For those of you who’d like to take up Kim Jong Kook’s suggestion, check out the movie’s trailer below!

Source: My Daily