Kim Jong Kook praised by viewers for Chinese debut with “Hate That Happiness Came”

Kim Jong Kook has turned many heads with his Chinese debut, accompanied with the music video release for the single, “Hate That Happiness Came”.

Produced and composed by renowned singer-songwriter JJ Lin, “Hate That Happiness Came” revolves around a heart-breaking story of guilt and regret after losing a loved one. Released on September 9th, the music video features Kim Jong Kook as the male lead himself.

Unlike his usual image on Running Man where he shows his manliness and unbeatable strength, Kim Jong Kook has received praise for his soft-hearted and warm acting skills in the music video. Above that, the veteran Turbo K-pop singer has also surprised listeners with his perfect Chinese pronunciation, where some commented that finally they can understand what the K-pop singer is singing.

Kim Jong Kook seemingly made a lot of effort in his Chinese debut, where he is also expected to appear on Chinese variety shows after signing with the Chinese label YS Entertainment. He also shared the good news of his music release on his Weibo account in Chinese, “The MV for my first Chinese track ‘Hate That Happiness Came’ is finally released~ Hope that everyone likes it~ To all the fans who have always been supporting me, thank you!”

Check out the music video below!

Kim Jong Kook's Weibo
Kim Jong Kook’s Weibo

恨幸福来过 完整版 – 金钟国