Kim Jong Kook revealed to have been offered roles in Chinese dramas

Kim Jong Kook, who recently widen his abilities and talents into acting, was revealed to have been offered roles in Chinese dramas.

The singer and entertainer gained even more popularity in China with his regular appearance on SBS‘s Running Man, and it has continued to rise with his first regular acting appearance on the hit KBS2 drama Producer. He plays an ambitious KBS PD who adds a comic relief as he continuously bickers with a woman in the office.

According to a source from Producer, actor Kim Soo Hyun is no doubt essential to the drama’s popularity in China, however, it has been found that the mass download and real-time viewing of the show is due to its “hidden card,” Kim Jong Kook.

An official from Kim Jong Kook’s agency, Urban Works Entertainment, shared that due to his popularity in Running Man and the popularity of the drama Producer, Kim Jong Kook has caught the eyes of several local Chinese officials. They stated that he has been offered roles from cameos to supporting characters in Chinese dramas.

Though Producer is Kim Jong Kook’s first acting role, the agency further states that should there be a good role for him like the one in Producer, he is happy to keep his possibilities open.

Source: Sports Donga