Kim Jong Kook Reveals The Wholesome Reason Why He Accepted ATEEZ’s Request To Collaborate

“I thought ATEEZ is somehow different.”

In the second episode of THE MAN of ATEEZ on the 1theK Originals YouTube channel, Kim Jong Kook sat down with ATEEZ for a meal so that they could discuss the plan for their mini-album, Season Songs.

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While they all enjoyed their chicken together, Yunho mustered up the courage to ask him the question the entire group had on their minds.

Hey, sunbaenim. When we asked you (for a collaboration), what made you accept our request?

— Yunho

As all of the members looked down the table at Kim Jong Kook in anticipation, he considered his words for a few moments before explaining his thoughts about them from the very beginning: when they covered “Black Cat Nero” on Immortal Songs.

First… At ‘The Black Cat’, I was very thankful for you guys. I didn’t know you’ll prepare that hard for a stage, I was honestly impressed! And you really nailed the performance. So, I thought ATEEZ is somehow different. I thought you’ll be successful a lot.

— Kim Jong Kook

After that, Kim Jong Kook brought up how Yunho in particular had actually gone up to him at one point to show him their music video. He remembered being amazed by their abilities even back then, and his respect for them has only increased as they’ve continued to grow as artists.

Kim Jong Kook: And do you remember when you brought your music video to me? You came to me, right?

Yunho: Yes, I did.

Mingi: I was there, too!

Kim Jong Kook: I watched the video back then and I thought, ‘Wow, they’re really good!’

The ATEEZ boys then reflected on their Immortal Songs experience, now able to open up to him more comfortably about how they felt while filming the show.

Yunho: When we did “The Black Cat”, I think it was one of the top three stages that we were most nervous for.

Kim Jong Kook: Oh, really?

Yunho: You were watching us in the front.

Kim Jong Kook: I was watching you, yes.

Jongho: Yeah! I was so nervous, so I missed a note! (laughing)

Yunho: I wasn’t the only one nervous, right?

Hongjoong: We made a lot of mistakes that day!

By the end of the episode, ATEEZ were very excited when Kim Jong Kook agreed to give them all his phone number so they can hang out again aside from their official promotions in the future!

You can watch the entire video here:


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