Kim Jong Kook Sends Sweet Message To His Favorite Trainee On “The Unit”

Kim Jong Kook has been looking out for his niece Soya by promoting her with a sweet post on his Instagram account.

He posted a picture of Soya, his niece who is participating in the show The Unit as a contestant along with a sweet caption.

“My beloved niece Soya is always working very very hard for her dreams~ She is very talented, pretty and has a kind heart. Please keep an eye on her and support her! And please vote for her as well~^^ #Sorrythisisallanunclecandoforyou #hwaiting #yourethebest #tryyourbestwithnoregrets #family #oneandonly”

— Kim Jong Kook

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Fans were touched by his cute, loving, and supportive caption.

They truly felt how much Kim Jong Kook cares for Soya and his family.

Only time will tell whether “all an uncle can do for you” is actually worth being sorry for or if fans start voting for her because of him!

Source: @kjk76