Kim Jong Kook Claims Song Ji Hyo Would’ve Been Filming “Return of Superman” With Gary If Only She Did This

The Monday Couple on “Return Of Superman”?!

During the recent episode of Running Man, the cast began to make fun of Jeon So Min and Yang Se Chan‘s love line once again. But that soon turned into a direct attack on Song Ji Hyo for her past love line with Gary!

The cast jokingly began to plan Jeon So Min and Yang Se Chan’s wedding to which Jeon So Min claimed, “I’m not marrying him! How can I marry Se Chan.

She revealed that Se Chan turned her down for a friendly date! “I asked him to eat patbingsoo (iced shavings with red bean paste) with me but he said no!

Song Ji Hyo spoke up with one word of advice for Se Chan, “Stop blocking yourself from her. Try opening up for once.

And all fired straight back at Song Ji Hyo as Yoo Jae Seok claimed, “Why didn’t you open up too?

Then Kim Jong Kook took the ultimate shot as he jokingly claimed she would be filming Return of Superman with Kang Gary if she had accepted him more back when they had a love line on the show!

If you had opened up more, you’d be filming Superman with him.

— Kim Jong Kook

The whole cast burst into laughter as Song Ji Hyo pouted, explaining “No… Gary and I weren’t like that.

Song Ji Hyo and Gary were famously known as the “Monday Couple” back during the beginning seasons of the series. They had a playful love line on the show that was a big hit among the fans.

Gary has since left the show, got married, and is currently raising his adorable son Kang Hao! He’s been filming Return of Superman, where he spends 48 hours with his son without the help of his wife.

Monday Couple fans had a good laugh at the what-if between the two friends and the possible future that’s far gone!