Kim Jong Kook Surprises His Mother By Revealing His Past Dating History And Style

Kim Jong Kook blames himself for being single all these years.

In the latest episode of My Ugly Duckling, Kim Jong Kook’s mother discovered a different side to her son.

Kim Jong Kook is well-known these days for three things: working out all the time, being a devoted son to his mother, and being a bachelor with a secretive love life!


Though rumors have circulated for years about his romantic connections with other celebrities like Song Ji Hyo, Yoon Eun Hye, or Moon Geun Young, he hasn’t said anything concrete in public about his dating history. On My Ugly Duckling, however, he was uncharacteristically candid, revealing some details for the first time that surprised both the cast and his own mother.

Song Ji Hyo is his latest suspected girlfriend, but they both strongly deny any romantic interest between them.


In response to a comment about eating habits, Kim Jong Kook said, “Because I ate with my girlfriend every night, she told me that dating me caused her to get fat.”


This prompted his manager to ask, “When’s the longest you ever dated anybody?


Kim Jong Kook confessed that his last relationship lasted six years, and the one before that was even longer at seven years. His manager then quietly asked him why those relationships ended. Kim Jong Kook blamed himself, saying that he waited too long to propose.


He thought he needed more time to be ready for marriage, but he was mistaken and regrets it now. “I am being punished,” he said.

“It’s completely all my fault. I wanted to be perfectly prepared for marriage and creating a family so I would say “just wait a little more, a little more” but eventually, I think my need for perfection caused the breakups.” — Kim Jong Kook


This news came as quite a shock to all of the show’s guests, including Kim Jong Kook’s mother. Apparently, even though he is quite devoted to her, he doesn’t tell her much about his love life!


Watch the clip below: