Kim Jong Kook’s Aunt Wants Him To Get Married This Year So He Revealed His Honest Marriage Plans

Kim Jong Kook plans on getting married but here’s when!

During the recent episode of My Old Boy, Kim Jong Kook introduced the viewers to his aunt who had no shame in calling out his dating pattern and prospects of marriage!

Kim Jong Kook had a small family reunion where he met up with his aunt for the first time in a while. During their talks, his aunt was quick to point out his age and his current single life.

She first asked for his age, where Kim Jong Kook remained vague with “It’s a lot.” His aunt immediately shot him a “Others would be embarrassed“!

His aunt wants him to get married by this year, but Kim Jong Kook has other thoughts in mind! He explained, “I think it’ll be hard this year.

His aunt did not like the answer as she asked if he already had a girlfriend. He once again replied no, but he is definitely open to dating! He explained, “I don’t but I should hurry up. I should hurry up and find a girlfriend.

But his aunt went on a rant claiming, “You can’t date well either. You need to ask anyone, ask a friend to introduce you to someone nice.

The whole cast burst out laughing as Kim Jong Kook reassured his aunt that he still has game! He explained, “I can do it! I’m okay still…

His aunt wouldn’t let go of the topic as she insisted he needed to get married. Kim Jong Kook then surprised everyone by claiming that he plans on working hard to find someone to introduce to his family by next year!

I should be able to bring someone to our next Lunar New Years gathering. I’ve aged now, so yes, I should be working on it.

— Kim Jong Kook

Kim Jong Kook’s aunt explained that she wants him to find a good wife and have children to who he can pass down his gifted genes to! But she herself is surprised that he’s open to the idea of marriage!

You used to say that you weren’t getting married. I’m glad that you’re saying you’re open to it now.

— Kim Jong Kook’s Aunt

Kim Jong Kook will be turning 44 years old soon, and the traditional mindset of Korean elders are putting hot and heavy pressure on him to create a family!

But it seems Kim Jong Kook himself is open to the idea! Will wedding bells be ringing next year? Fans will just have to wait and see!

Source: Newsen