Is Kim Jong Kook’s former K-Pop group Turbo in the middle of preparing a comeback?

It seems as if another popular 90s K-Pop group will be making a grand comeback soon!

According to a music insider on November 15th, Kim Jong Kook began recording for an album under the name Turbo. It was additionally revealed that members Kim Jung Nam and Mikey also participated in the recording with popular producer Duble Sidekick as the album’s producers.

Currently, the Turbo album is in its early stage but there are intentions to speed up the process in order to release it in December. Should they release their new album in December, it would mark Turbo’s official comeback as a new team since their disbandment over 14 years ago in 2001.

Sports Donga reports that the start of the Turbo album came about while Kim Jong Kook was in the process of recording his 20th anniversary album. Having met with Kim Jung Nam again due to appearing on MBC Infinite Challenge‘s “TOTOGA (Saturday Saturday Singer)” special episode as Turbo, it seems as if the 20th anniversary album has been replaced by the Turbo album.

Turbo made their debut as a duo in 1995 with Kim Jong Kook and Kim Jung Nam as a team. However, due to disagreements with their management, Turbo broke up soon after their second album before Kim Jong Kook returned as Turbo with member Mikey in 1999. The group then broke up once again in 2001, leaving Kim Jong Kook to follow a successful solo career.

With the upcoming Turbo album, this would be the first album from the group prepared by all three members.

Source: Sports Donga

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