Kim Jong Kook’s leads the Hallyu push in China

Many Korean stars are heading over to China to expand their field of activity from Korea. When it comes to the Hallyu Wave, Kim Jong Kook along with Kwang Soo, are no strangers thanks to their performance on Running Man.

While Kwang Soo has been called Asia’s Prince through his appearance on Running Man, Kim Jong Kook is also making an impact in the Chinese entertainment industry. Kim Jong Kook, in fact, is known to have received love calls from movie producers to be featured in their movies as the leading actor.

It is well known now that Kim Jong Kook began his activities through being featured as a guest in the Chinese version of Running Man, called Hurry Up Brother in ChinaBecause of this, currently Kim Jong Kook visits China approximately once every two weeks for Chinese entertainment and concerts taking place in China.

Although many Hallyu celebrities who made it big in China have been mainly actors and actresses with amazing movie films or dramas before, it is without a doubt that comedians, such as Yoo Jae Suk, and entertainers, such as Kim Jong Kook, are claiming their spots as most wanted Hallyu celebrities in Asia.

In addition to his ever busy schedule in China, Kim Jong Kook leads the most exciting Korean wave into China. So far, Chinese viewers have enjoyed the appearances of many Korean stars and idols but when it comes to the program itself, it did not catch on so fast. However, as the viewers show love for Korean entertainment programs, programs such as Infinite Challenge are being created in cooperation with both Chinese and Korean producing staff for a Chinese version.

Although it worries many staff and representatives that the Chinese government may try to prevent their market from being flooded by foreign businesses, luckily it seems the viewers’ love for the programs are being met by the broadcasting stations.

Source: E Daily