Kim Jong Min Announces He’s Broken Up With Hwang Mi Na, Explains Why

He explained why they decided to break up.

Celebrity couple Kim Jong Min and Hwang Mi Na has officially broken up after dating for a couple of months.


Kim Jong Min and Hwang Mi Na began dating after appearing on the reality dating show, Taste Of Dating. The participants go on dates for 100 days, and decide if they wish to continue dating in real life or split.

The Kim Jong Min and Hwang Mi Na couple were matched in September 2018, but recently decided to break up.


Kim Jong Min was featured in the season finale of Taste Of Dating, where he candidly talked about his break up with Hwang Mi Na.


He confessed that he was so caught up with his busy schedule that he didn’t contact her often. It got to a point where she probably thought he only wanted to see her for work.

“It was difficult to even call her because I was always working. When we were scheduled to meet to film together [for this show], I thought of it as our time to finally go on a date. I didn’t have time away from work to see her unless it was our scheduled filming.

Thinking about it now, I feel she may have thought that we only meet when its for this show.”

— Kim Jong Min


He wishes he had been more expressive, but he mistakenly thought that it was better to be the nice, yes-man in the relationship.

“I think it was probably very difficult for Mi Na. I only thought of myself. I don’t often express how I feel.

I think I didn’t want to be the bad guy. I thought that not getting mad or not nagging her was the nice thing to do. I should’ve gotten mad when I was mad, so that we could fight and get over it. It just piled up.

I think it’s better if you have a big fight and break up.”

— Kim Jong Min


He hopes their relationship “doesn’t scar her” or “become a trauma.

Source: TV Report
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