Kim Jong Min Will Become The Main MC Of A Variety Program For The First Time In 20 Years

Fans are excited!

It has been reported that Kim Jong Min will become the main MC of a new online variety program for the first time in 20 years.

Kim Jong Min, who is a member of the K-Pop group Koyote, is most known for his roles in the variety program 1 Day 2 Nights as well as Netflix’s recent variety show Busted!.


The program called Nwefficial (뇌피셜) will revolve around random 1:1 debate battles.

The first contestant to face Kim Jong Min in the 1:1 debate battle is confirmed to be Jessi and will be followed by other famous entertainers including Kim Heechul, Haha, Hong Jin Young and DIA.


Kim Jong Min made a statement during the press conference, revealing his intentions to put forth his best efforts into the program and the debates.

“I will undertake the debates by offering all the rumors I’ve heard and all the knowledge I’ve accumulated. I believe it’s important to express all the things I’ve thought of throughout my life.” ㅡ Kim Jong Min


Moreover, the producer of the program, Kim Joo Hyung, complimented the entertainer on his skills, further raising expectations for the new program.

“I’ve completed a few recordings with Kim Jong Min and his skills were better than I expected. He didn’t win the best comedian award for no reason.” ㅡ Kim Joo Hyung


Netizens have been supporting the entertainer on his new project and encouraging him on!

  • “I love Kim Jong Min!”
  • “Kim Jong Min is a genius in disguise lol. He is a rare celebrity who wasn’t revolved in one rumor or controversy in his 20-year career in the entertainment industry lol.”
  • “I hope entertainers with a good character like Kim Jong Min will become more popular.”
  • “I hope Kim Jong Min continues to do well.”
  • “He is the representation of diligence.”
  • “I like him because he’s really kind and cares for those around him…”
  • “I hope it succeeds!”
  • “Sounds fun!”
  • “Omg it’s going to be so funny. Kim Jong Min will be so good at this.”
  • “Kim Jong Min fighting!”


Nwefficial will begin airing on history digital platforms such as Youtube, Facebook and Naver TV starting from July 19th!

Source: Sports Chosun