Comedians Kim Jun Ho And Kim Ji Min Announce They Are In A Relationship

Congrats to the couple!

Comedians Kim Jun Ho and Kim Ji Min announced they are officially in a relationship.

Kim Ji Min (left) and Kim Jun Ho (right) |

The comedians are both signed to JDB Entertainment, who, on April 3, released an official statement regarding the persistent rumors between the two.

Kim Jun Ho and Kim Ji Min are dating each other sincerely, they have only started dating recently

—JDB Entertainment

The label stated, “Fellow KBS comedians and long-time friends Kim Jun Ho and Kim Ji  Min are dating each other sincerely. Kim Jun Ho was going through a hard time, and Kim Ji Min was there to give him strength and console him.”

Kim Ji Min (left) and Kim Jun Ho (right) |

The label further stated that the two had just started dating and asked fans to look upon the couple kindly.

Response from fans and media outlets alike has been overwhelmingly positive as both comedians are beloved in Korea and are well-known for their kindness.

Kim Jun Ho is a revered comedian at the center of KBS‘s Gag Concert‘s legendary run in the 2010s. The comedian at the time married his now ex-wife, musical actress Kim Eun Young in 2006 and got divorced in 2018. Fans were shocked when they found out the couple lived separately for most of their marriage due to his wife wanting to live in the Philippines.

Kim Jun Ho | @charliekimi/Instagram

Kim Ji Min is also a prolific comedian in her own right. The comic also starred in KBS’s Gag Concert, where it was evident she would be part of the next generation of great female comedians alongside acts such as Ahn Young Mi and Shin Bong Sun. The talented and beautiful comic has starred as a regular in 52 shows since 2006, an incredible feat considering how male-dominated Korean variety shows are.

Kim Ji Min | @Jiminlop/Instagram