Kim Junsu To Return With A New Album This Spring

Fans have been waiting for this album!

Singer Kim Junsu will be returning next month with a new album. According to his agency Palm Tree Island, he will also be holding an offline concert to celebrate his new album with fans.

Kim Junsu, who has becoming a loved vocalist and a trusted musical actor, will continue his hard work for the first half of the year. Kim Junsu plans to hold an offline concert to celebrate the release of his new album and interact with domestic and global fans. Junsu, who has continued working without a hiatus after the establishment of his own label, has confirmed the release of his new album for the first time in about a year and four months.

He also recently released a 12-second teaser video that announced his comeback. This comeback is special in that fans have been waiting for his new album release since 2020. 

Source: sports khan