Kim Junsu reveals that “Flower” was not the original name to his title track

JYJ‘s Kim Junsu (XIA) has brought his 3rd solo Asia Tour concert to Seoul, and in a press conference, revealed that his title track’s name was originally not called “Flower.”

The 3rd Asia Tour Concert FLOWER hit Seoul, South Korea at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium after it initially kick started in Osaka, Japan on March 3rd. Prior to the show, the artist held a press conference to answer journalists many questions.

There, Junsu revealed, “The original title to the title track ‘FLOWER’ was originally ‘TAKE MY HAND.’ But I wanted to give it a twist. The song’s lyrics were like that of a ‘flower,’ so the day before we recorded, I said I wanted to change the title to ‘FLOWER.'” 

He continued, “Because people thought that it would be a dance song, I wanted to have people wonder and be curious as to why it was called ‘FLOWER.’ Normally when people think of ‘flower,’ they think of something beautiful, noble, and lovely, but ‘flowers’ also have the image of being broken and being stepped on brutally. I wanted to show those kinds of twist.”

Unlike his first and second studio album’s title tracks, which were “Tarantallegra” and “Incredible” respectively, his third album’s title track is written in hangul, “꽃 (FLOWER).” He explains that apart from the title “FLOWER,” he had written it in Korean for the letters to give it more impact.

The 2015 XIA 3rd Asia Tour Concert ‘FLOWER’ began in Osaka, Japan on March 3rd and following his stop in Seoul, Korea, will be visiting Shanghai, Thailand, Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Nagoya, for a total of seven cities. Other stops are to be announced.

Source: The Star Chosun