Kim Junsu Simmers With Sensual Behind-The-Scenes Pictures Of The Musical “Dracula”

Hottest vampire ever?

Back in November of 2019, C-JeS Entertainment announced that Junsu would be reprising his role in the musical Dracula for the first time in four years.

The musical is based off of the Bram Stoker novel by the same name, which tells the story of Dracula, a vampire who has loved one woman for over a thousand years. Junsu played the title character back in the first run of the musical in 2014, and again for a two-week encore in 2016.

At the time of the first run of the show, Kim Junsu shed the dark and scary image of Dracula and portrayed a more relatable vampire with a painful past. And now, he will be returning to the production after four years.”

— C-JeS Entertainment

On February 25, pictures were released showing behind-the-scenes images from Junsu preparing to play Dracula again.  The musical will run from February 11 to June 7 in the Charlotte Theater in Seoul.

‘Dracula’ brings new challenges every season. I’m so happy and excited to be greeting everyone through ‘Dracula’ for the first time in a while. I will work hard to prepare for the role so that I can make an unforgettable performance for everyone.”

— Junsu