Kim Kang Woo to return to the set after being hospitalized following gasoline consumption

A few days ago, Kim Kang Woo was rushed to the hospital after accidentally consuming gasoline on the film set of Treacherous Retainer. An official from the film revealed further news on the actor’s condition.

“On [November] 13th, Kim Kang Woo accidentally drank gasoline at the fault of a production crew during filming and was rushed to Asan Medical Center. He has been discharged this evening and is recovering. He will return to the set tomorrow (the 15th), said the representative.

The representative continues, “The exact cause of the accident is difficult to say. It happened when many things were occurring during filming,” and continues to explain the amount of gasoline consumption the actor drank was not so much that he needed his stomach pumped, despite being sent to the emergency room immediately.

Treacherous Retainer is Kim Kang Woo’s first historical drama film, set to be released on May 2015 in Korea.

Source: TV Report