Kim Kyu Jong speaks about his new drama “S.O.S. Save Me”

Actor Kim Kyu Jong joyfully spoke about his current drama S.O.S. Save Me in a recent press conference.

On November 5th, the press conference for the upcoming drama S.O.S Save Me was held in Juniper Hall, 63 Building.

Kim Kyu Jong, who was given the role of a high school bully Park Jung Joon, will show a tougher and more aggressive side of himself in the drama.

When asked about how he feels about the role, the actor stated, “I debuted when I was a high school student. Now I am here trying to act one, and it feels really great going back and thinking of the memories I had back then,” showing his confident but determined mind.

Kim Kyu Jong also stated that he is “trying his best to look young, so [he goes] to the dermatologist a lot these days.”

The upcoming drama S.O.S Save Me is about different kinds of unfortunate love occurring in various places. The drama is expected to feature cast members such as Gwang Soo, No Hang Ha, and Kim Bora. Are you excited for the new drama?

Source: TV Report