Kim Kyung Ran and Kim Sang Min tie the knot

Former announcer Kim Kyung Ran and politician Kim Sang Min had their bells ringing on January 6th.The wedding itself was remarkable not only because of the official start of the newly-wed star couple, but for its heartiness. The couple donated for the children of South Sudan, the most impoverished country in the world, in the names of their guests.

The groom, Kim Sang Min, spoke up about their plans earlier through his SNS on the 4th, sharing, “I truly thank Kyung Ran for trusting me and promising herself to me, especially today. I’ve decided to give her a present sinceFor a long time, Kyung Ran has dreamt of building a school for the children of South Sudan, the world’s poorest country.

Since 2012, Kyung Ran has visited South Sudan three times during the three years, consistently providing education support and volunteer services. I want to support her dream as well. Therefore, through the names of our wedding guests, we decided to start helping South Sudan’s children, who suffered a long time due to their nation’s civil war. All the love and support from the guests who came to celebrate our wedding will be put in to school kits, and delivered to the children. We hope to build a school there afterwards.

Meanwhile, the couple spoke up about their plans on visiting South Sudan in February with a children’s foundation in order to proceed with building schools as well as promoting campaigns.

Source: Sports World