Actor Kim Min Gue’s Newest K-Drama “Heavenly Idol” Is Going Viral For The Emotional Scene Showcasing The Importance Of An Idol To Fans

It comes despite the falling ratings in Korea!

In 2022, it seemed like the year when K-Dramas took over the world, and one of those series that truly captured the hearts of fans was Business Proposal. The light-hearted show seemingly went viral weekly, and netizens loved the chemistry between the cast both on and off-screen.

One of the stars that saw his fame rocket was Kim Min Gue (also known as Kim Min Kyu), who played the main character’s best friend, Cha Sung Hoon.

Kim Min Gue in “Business Proposal” | tvN

| tvN

Recently, Kim Min Gue is starring in the newest K-Drama The Heavenly Idol. 

In the series, the well-loved actor goes through a huge transformation in the show as he plays a high priest called Rembrary before swapping souls with Woo Yeon Woo, who is a K-Pop idol.

Kim Min Gue as the high priest | tvN

He then finds himself in the body of an idol | tvN

Yet, amongst all the adorable scenes and shocking transformations of the star, one of the scenes from the first episode has gone viral for striking an emotional chord amongst K-Pop fans.

After not being able to remember or know anything about life as a K-Pop idol, Rembrary is greeted by Yeon Woo’s biggest fan Kim Dal (Go Bo Gyeol).

Go Bo Byeol as Kim Dal | tvN

In the second episode, the show portrays Kim Dal’s life before her first interaction with Yeon Woo and the group. In one scene, Kim Dal is seemingly at her lowest as she passes Yeon Woo and his group performing in front of fans.

As the members go to hand out CDs, Yeon Woo approaches Kim Dal and gifts her one, even asking for her name to write a personalized message to the young girl.

He even gives her the invitation to attend an autograph-signing and performance event that the group is having, and her reaction shows that she may not have planned to continue fighting.

As Kim Dal seemingly wants to leave, Yeon Woo makes sure she takes the CD and special gift as he adds, “I just want you to remember us. In return, I won’t forget you either” He also takes the bag of Kim Dal, which viewers know contains soju and coal briquettes.

Upon reading the message, netizens got very emotional as the idol had seemingly recognized Kim Dal’s hurt and wrote, “My calling is to heal people. Hang in there, Kim Dal, Yeon Woo is rooting for you.” 

The look on Kim Dal’s face changes instantly and after moving back to the present, the now-grown Kim Dal shares the importance of that moment. It reveals why she wants to help Yeon Woo (now Rembrary) regain momentum.

When the clip was shared, netizens couldn’t hide the impact the scene had on them. Although the importance of idols to netizens can sometimes overstep the mark and be deemed as “childish” by society, the impact shouldn’t be overlooked.

Even on Twitter, there was something extremely relatable about the scene, showcasing idols’ huge impact on fans.

Yet, despite the rave reviews from international netizens, it was shocking for many to know that the show has seen decreasing viewing figures in Korea. While the first episode premiered with an average rating of 3.09% (nationwide) and 3.40% (Seoul), the second episode only recorded a rating of 2.017%.

Sometimes, the time slot can impact ratings. With only two episodes being aired, it might take time for Korean netizens to connect with the show like international viewers.

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