Kim Mingyu Delivers Handwritten Letter To National Producers

He wrote a beautiful letter to fans and fellow Produce X 101 contestants.

Produce X 101 contestant Kim Mingyu from Jellyfish Entertainment revealed a handwritten letter to national producers on July 22.


Kim Mingyu had continuously ranked in the top 10 contestants throughout Produce X 101 and gained much popularity but was unfortunately eliminated in the final rounds and unable to debut as a member of X1.


Read his handwritten letter below:

Hello!! National producers!! This is Jellyfish’s Kim Mingyu. First of all, I don’t really know what to say. I was unfortunately unable to debut but I’ve gained precious memories while filming the program. I was happy every single day. I enjoyed being on stage and loved it more than anyone. Thank you so so much national producers for giving me these golden times.
And although I am unable to be together with precious people who will be with me forever including Hyungjun, I hope that he will show many great things as a member of X1 and that we can be on stage together at the top. Mingyu’s No.1 fans Jinhyuk and Wonjin, even though the four of us cannot be together, let’s keep our promise to travel together after achieving our dreams. Fighting to the four of us who will be together forever. It was thanks to the national producers’ love and affection that Mingyu was able to experience growth from being a sprout. I will also do my best to show more of me and will see everyone soon. I love you, national producers.

ㅡ Mingyu

Source: Dispatch