Jellyfish Entertainment Announces Future Plans For Kim Minkyu From “PRODUCE X 101”

He was one of the most popular contestants.

As PRODUCE X 101 came to a close, many netizens have been wondering what lies in store for the popular members that weren’t able to debut with X1.

Jellyfish Entertainment released an official statement to update the fans of Kim Minkyu about his future promotions. They revealed that he will be taking a rest for now and begin discussing his future plans later on.

Kim Minkyu has been resting ever since the broadcast ended. As it hasn’t been long since the program came to a close, we plan on preparing for his future promotions after discussing it with him. We will return with a good image.

Thank you.

— Jellyfish Entertainment


Kim Minkyu was one of the most popular contestants from the survival debut program. He had continually ranked in the top 3 for the first 5 votings. He dipped down to 10th and 5th before he was ultimately eliminated at the last episode by ranking at 12th place.


Many fans were shocked by his elimination as many were convinced he was sure to debut with X1. He was famous as one of the top visuals on the show, often being compared to many of the top visuals in the K-Pop industry!

Source: Tenasia