Kim Rae Won Talks About How He Felt Kissing Park Shin Hye

Kim Rae Won has been nicknamed the “Kiss Master“, alongside Seo In Guk, and his response is just as humble.

On March 3, Kim Rae Won talked about his kiss scene with Park Shin Hye in the 2016 SBS drama series Doctors on a Naver V Live show, Movie Talk Live.

In this show, Kim Rae Won was asked about several related keywords that popped up whenever his name was searched. One of these keywords was “kiss master”.

When asked if there were any specific skills or know-hows that were needed to achieve the perfect kiss scene, Kim Rae Won humbly owed his nickname to the directors that helped make the kiss look that great.

“There are no know-hows. The director made it really well. It’s just good timing and music effects.”

Kim Rae Won

He was also asked whether he watches and monitors his kiss scenes, and what he felt when watching them.

“It’s embarrassing but I like it. I even felt butterflies in my stomach while watching my own kiss scenes.”

Kim Rae Won

Watch the romantic kiss scene that gave him the nickname of “kiss master” here!

Source: Dispatch