Kim Sae Ron Reveals How Her Relationship With Wonbin Is

Kim Sae Ron is well-remembered for her role as Won Bin‘s child co-star in The Man From Nowhere, but Won Bin’s absence from dramas and movies has got her curious as to how he’s doing.

For 7 years, Kim Sae Ron hasn’t been able to shake off her nickname “Won Bin’s Little Kiddo“, for the exceptional chemistry the two had while filming The Man From Nowhere.

Being one of her most memorable and important works, Kim Sae Ron revealed in an interview that she was curious as to Won Bin’s current whereabouts, and what projects he may or may not be working on.

She also revealed that she has been hearing updates of Won Bin through the director of The Man From Nowhere, Lee Jung Beom, and as a joke, he expressed that he was looking into filming a sequel to the first film.

He explained if there were to be a sequel, Lee Jung Beom would plan the story to cover what happened after Kim Sae Ron’s character grew up to become an adult, and that he would want her to appear as a cameo.

Currently, Won Bin hasn’t been reported to be working on any new projects, but is focusing on raising his son with his wife, actress Lee Na Young.

Meanwhile, Kim Sae Ron’s newest project, Snowy Road, is set to be aired on KBS as a two-part television series on February 28 and March 1.

Source: Sports Chosun