Kim Sae Ron Will Be Compensating Those Affected By Power Outage Caused By Accident — This Is How Much It Might Cost Her

“Kim Sae Ron will be taking responsibility for the losses due to the accident…”

It has been reported that actress Kim Sae Ron is currently reviewing compensating those affected by the power outage caused by her accident.

Kim Sae Ron | @ron_sae/Instagram
Kim Sae Ron | @ron_sae/Instagram

According to News1, on May 23, Kim Sae Ron is discussing ways to compensate the residents and businesses affected by the power outage.

Emergency maintenace crew at the scene of the accident | MBC news

Kim Sae Ron’s label Gold Medalist stated in an interview that Kim Sae Ron would be taking accountability.

Kim Sae Ron will be taking responsibility for the losses due to the accident. She is currently speaking with her insurance about compensating the people affected by the accident.

—Gold Medalist

Kim Sae Ron was involved in an accident on May 18 with an electric transformer and shutting off power for a neighborhood in Gangnam, Seoul. According to News1 it is rumored that the cost of an electric transformer is ₩20.0 million KRW (about $15,900 USD).

It has been revealed the actress was driving drunk at the accident. The actress has since apologized and has stated she would do her best to compensate those affected by her drunk driving.

Kim Sae Ron is deeply apologetic for her mistake. Also, Kim Sae Ron apologizes to those affected and those who are working to clean up after her mistake. She will do her best to compensate all those affected.

—Gold Medalist


Source: News1
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