Kim Samuel’s Lawyer Reveals How Brave Entertainment Betrayed His Trust

Kim Samuel officially filed a lawsuit against Brave Entertainment.

Kim Samuel recently revealed that he decided to leave Brave Entertainment. It was later revealed that Kim Samuel filed a lawsuit against the company, and his lawyer opened up in an interview about how their relationship had soured.

Kim Samuel and Brave Entertainment’s CEO (Kang Dong Chul aka Brave Brothers)


His lawyer, Jang Ji Yeon, revealed that the initial problems between the two parties arose when the CEO used Samuel for his own personal gain.

The problem was that the CEO used Samuel to promote a business that he has a personal stake in. After finding out about this, Samuel’s mother was furious.

I believe it was from a promotional event last year. We submitted the evidence to the court. Brave Entertainment uploaded an explanation onto Samuel’s fan site and promised that it wouldn’t happen again.

— Lawyer Jang


Another issue arose when Brave Entertainment supposedly failed to provide proper documents about the earnings and spendings regarding Samuel. Samuel gave them a notice in March that if they don’t explain themselves, he will be announcing his departure.

When Brave still failed to provide a proper explanation, Samuel decided to file a lawsuit against them.

When [Samuel] requested for invoices and proper forms, they didn’t give him the right documentations. This also caused an issue with their relationship.

Samuel announced in March that if they explained themselves, it would be alright, but if they didn’t, he would announce his departure from the agency. Nearly 2 months later, they simply replied that they had done nothing wrong.

Despite all of this, Samuel continued to fulfill his previously set schedules because of the contract. Afterward, he filed the lawsuit. He filed it on May 20 and has confirmed that the court has received it.

— Lawyer Jang


Brave Entertainment recently announced that the dispute about Samuel’s contract was only between his mother and the company. They claimed that Samuel was still with the agency.

As Samuel is still a minor, he was caught in a conflict between his mother and the company. His mother unilaterally announced the termination of his exclusive contract.

Our company and Samuel are still keeping to the contract, and have not taken part in any unfair treatments. We will be taking legal action against Samuel’s legal representatives.

— Brave Entertainment


However, Samuel’s lawyer clarified that the lawsuit was filed under his mother’s name solely because he is still a minor. They emphasized that Samuel will go to court against Brave Entertainment.

Since Samuel is still a minor, we had to file the lawsuit under his mother’s name.

It’s impossible for only one side to terminate a contract. The side that wants to terminate the contract wants to terminate it because they believe the other side caused a problem. The other side claims that they did nothing wrong, so we’ll have to see in court what they mean by ‘unilateral’.

— Lawyer Jang

Source: YTN