Kim Samuel’s Fans Spot Former Saesang Fans Being Hired As His Personal Staff

Kim Samuel’s fans are angry and disappointed in Brave Entertainment for hiring sasaengs as staff.

In a recent Pann post, Samuel’s fans gathered evidence showing that two Brave staff members were KNK sasaengs.

These sasaeng employees were allegedly leaking personal information about Samuel and upsetting his fans.

Fans were unhappy with Brave Entertainment’s negligence in hiring, and asked that the sasaeng employees be fired.

In response, Brave Entertainment announced that they recently investigated all their employees and fired some employees.

“We have listened to the concerns about our employees and thoroughly investigated them. We took time to verify them [as sasaengs] and fired them immediately. We will make sure we listen carefully to our fans’ voices.”

— Brave Entertainment

Two employees from the marketing division and two staff employees at Brave Entertainment were fired.

Image Source: @_kimsamuelnet

One of the marketing employees, however, claimed that she wasn’t a sasaeng, but quit the company on her own terms.

“I’m not a sasaeng fan. Other fans have been spreading fake rumors about me so I quit on my own terms. I’m planning on seeking legal action for defamation.”

— Employee

Source: Dispatch and Instiz