Kim Sejeong Clarifies Her Statement About ‘Ad-libbed’ Bed Scene

“They kissed and hugged and it was morning.”

Once Gugudan member, now bonafide leading lady, actress Kim Sejeong (also known as Kim Se Jeong) personally set the record straight about the bed scene in the drama Business Proposal.

Kim Sejeong clarifying past statements | @clean_0828/Instagram

On April 7, the actress took to Instagram and wrote, “I didn’t mean that the bed scene was not in the original script, I meant to say it wasn’t clearly written, what the scene would look like.”

Kim Sejeong | @clean_0828/Instagram

She further clarified, “Rather than saying that we ad-libbed the scene, I should have said that the actors and staff came up with the scene together.”

Kim Sejeong | @clean_0828/Instagram

The idol also stated the original scene was written in a manner similar to “They kissed and hugged and it was morning.” The writers and actors all had a say in the scene as the actress clarified, “We (the actors) worked with the film crew and producers and discussed the degree of intimacy shown on screen.”

Ahn Hyo Seop (left) and Kim Sejeong (right) | @clean_0828/Instagram

The clarifications come after the actress spoke about the bed scene in a previous interview.

Due to the chemistry between actors was so good the level of intimacy was higher than originally written in the script.

—Kim Sejeong

Kim Sejeong also stated at the time that the bed scene originally didn’t exist and that it was put in “As the love between the characters grew, both actors and director wanted to express these emotions.”

Ahn Hyo Seop (back) and Kim Sejeong (front) | @clean_0828/Instagram

The actress seems to be backtracking her previous statement by personally stating that there were discussions with the film crew before filming to prevent any misunderstandings.

Whether the scene was scripted or not, surely viewers don’t mind either way. Don’t believe us? Check the scene below!


Source: Wikitree