Kim Sejeong Sheds Tears Upon Meeting IU In Real Life

Here’s what happened.

Kim Sejeong just met up with her idol, IU!

Though they debuted in different generations, the two girls are now top-tier soloists and actresses in South Korea. They met up recently to film an episode of IU’s Palette where Sejeong was the guest of the day.

IU (Left) and Kim Sejeong (Right)

The interview began with the “Top or Cliff” singer mentioning her extreme admiration for the other woman.

From the moment I started singing, now and in the future, you are my role model. This was the question, right? The reason why I came to visit [was because] I wanted to meet IU.

— Sejeong

In fact, Sejeong is such a big fan that she couldn’t help but tear up when thinking about her. She even had to bring out the spare tissues that she kept in her bag in case she couldn’t control her emotions.

I’m sure many of you know this but I really…I’m a huge fan of yours.

— Sejeong

IU then asked Sejeong if she had “something [she] always wanted to try” on the show. Unexpectedly, the latter asked if she could have a few moments to simply look at her idol straight in the eyes.

I wanted to make eye contact with you without saying anything.

— Sejeong

The older singer complied good-naturedly. Though they started the segment with bright smiles on both of their faces…

…Sejeong quickly couldn’t stop the tears from pouring down her eyes.

She brought out a tissue paper and wiped away the tears streaming down her face. IU, on her end, panicked at the sight. She asked the staff to do something to help her guest calm down.

Please hurry and help her! As soon as it started [she began crying].

— IU

In order to lighten the mood, IU joked that Sejeong brought out the waterworks as a show of her talent in acting.

Is it like a talent?

— IU

Check out the full episode below to learn more about IU and Sejeong!

Source: YouTube