Kim Seon Ho Is Mobbed By Paparazzi At Incheon Airport

Kim Seon Ho returned from filming the movie Sad Tropics.

A barrage of flashes welcomed Kim Seon Ho to Korea.

Kim Seon Ho | Wikitree

News1 and Dispatch reported that in the early morning of April 18, Kim Seon Ho had returned from wrapping up filming in Thailand for the upcoming movie Sad Tropics.

Kim Seon Ho | Wikitree

Kim Seon Ho was pictured at Incheon International Airport wearing a white hoodie.

The paparazzi proceeded to unleash a fury of flashes that Kim Seon Ho could escape with the help of an acquaintance.

Kim Seon Ho | Wikitree

Sad Tropics is a movie about a boxer born to a Korean father and a Filipino mother who travels to Korea to find his father, who abandoned him.

Actress Go Ara, actors Kim Kang Woo, and, Kang Tae Joon round up the cast.

Go Ara | @ara_go_0211/Instagram

There has been much interest in the film as it was the only project that Kim Seon Ho didn’t withdraw from following false allegations made by his ex-girlfriend.

Source: Wikitree