Kim Seon Ho’s Reported Appearance In Park Bo Gum And IU’s Upcoming K-Drama Is Met With Mixed Reactions

“Are they crazy?”

Netizens had a mixed reaction to news that actor Kim Seon Ho would be making a guest appearance on IU and Park Bo Gum‘s upcoming K-Drama.

Kim Seon Ho | Joongang Ilbo

On July 27, it was reported that Kim Seon Ho would be making a guest appearance on the upcoming K-Drama You Have Done Well, which features IU and Park Bo Gum.

Left to right: IU and Park Bo Gum |

The K-Drama is also widely anticipated for the collaboration between When The Camelia Blooms writer Lim Sang Chun and director Kim Won Suk who directed the hit K-Dramas My Mister and Misaeng.

Lim Sang Chun
Kim Won Suk |

According to reports Kim Seon Ho, who has starred in 100 Days My Prince, Welcome to Waikiki, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, and Start-up, will briefly appear in the drama.

Kim Seon Ho in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha | tVN

Netizens, however, had mixed reactions to the news as many made it clear that they had not gotten over the actor’s past. While some criticized the decision to have the actor appear, others stated they were happy to see the actor.

  • “Kim Seon Ho is getting criticized way too much for what he did.”
  • “But why do they want to use him in the drama? I think I’ll want to hurl as soon as he comes on.”
  • “Sigh… I’ll just not watch it.”
  • “Are they crazy?”
  • “Why? Is he close with the director?”
  • “Wow, I’m not watching.”
  • “The comments here make me want to throw up. I want to see Seon Ho come out more.”

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