News That Actor Kim Seon Ho Would Be Returning Through Romantic Drama “Haesi’s Sinru” Is Met With Mixed Reactions

“I’m surprised he chose a romantic drama for his comeback.”

According to reports, actor Kim Seon Ho will be making his return to K-Dramas through a new romantic period piece.

Kim Seon Ho | @seonho_kim/Instagram

On October 19, Kim Seon Ho’s label SALT Entertainment released a statement regarding the actor’s future.

Kim Seon Ho is currently positively considering the drama Haesi’s Sinru (Korean title).

— SALT Entertainment

Haesi’s Sinru (Korean title) is based on a webtoon of the same name. The webtoon was incredibly popular, and audience’s anticipation grew when it was revealed that the webtoon’s author Yoon Lee Soo would be the writer for the drama as well. The author has previously penned the hit drama Love In The Moonlight.

Haesi’s Sinru | Naver

This will be Kim Seon Ho’s first drama since his breakout performance on Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. Many were happy that Kim Seon Ho would be making his comeback, but some netizens did express their concern that he would be making his comeback in a romance drama in light of his past controversy involving his personal life.

  • “A romantic drama? He should have chosen a non-romantic genre to come back with.”
  • “I’m surprised he chose to come back with a romantic drama. I’m not sure if his image fits the genre anymore. It might’ve been best if he chose another genre.”
  • “He should have chosen a non-romantic drama.”
  • “I understand why he chose it since romantic-period dramas do really well. But it’s a romance…”
  • “…Wow, but it’s a romance?”
  • “A romance?”
  • “LOL, a romance?”
  • “Oh, I thought he would be making his comeback through a thriller, but I guess he’ll be coming back through a romance.”
Source: Theqoo and Wikitree
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