Kim So Eun apologizes to Song Jae Rim for dating scandal

On the latest airing episode of MBC‘s We Got Married, actress Kim So Eun apologized to her virtual husband Song Jae Rim for her recent dating scandal.

During the February 14th broadcast of We Got Married, Kim So Eun gave a heart felt apology to her on-screen husband for the dating scandal she was previously embroiled in with actor Son Ho Joon. The actress explained herself to him stating, “It isn’t that kind of relationship. There is nothing going on between us. If the rumors were true I would say it was true. Why would I lie? You know I’m honest right? The rumors aren’t true.”

Song Jae Rim reassured her by responding with, “There’s no need to be sorry for me. You don’t have to apologize to me because of it. Don’t carry such a burden because of the rumors. You don’t need to go through such a difficult time.”

In Song Jae Rim’s solo interview with the crew, he showed worry for his on-screen wife saying, “So Eun was who I worried about more. She seemed upset and seemed to have been having a harder time than I was, and I felt bad for her because of it.”

The actress was recently involved in a dating scandal with rising actor Son Ho Joon, to which she personally denied when questioned by the producer of the show.

Source: My Daily