Kim So Hyun Reveals Why She Thinks Her Heartbreaking Scenes Are Lacking

While Kim So Hyun has constantly impressed viewers with her acting abilities, she revealed that she still feels lacking in one particular area.

“I can do some light cuddling when I am acting but trying to act out very deep relationships where I am giving and receiving deep feelings is something I am ultimately lacking at.

Isn’t it like that in movies and dramas? They clearly love each other but they don’t say anything, so misunderstandings happen, and they end up breaking up.”

– Kim So Hyun

According to Kim So Hyun, she is someone known to be as “forever single” as she has not been in a relationship yet.

The experience of being in a relationship is something that she feels she couldn’t portray on screen.

“Honestly I haven’t dated yet so I can’t perfectly understand this feeling. But how can one have experience in every situation they act in?

Instead, I ask people around me about it. Things like ‘I love him but why am I crying?’. I’m still trying to understand it with my mind.”

 – Kim So Hyun

Source: Newsen