Kim Soo Hyun & Kim Ji Won Shocked By Insane Crowd At “Queen Of Tears” Event

Someone was on a roof!

The cast of Queen of Tears got together for a special wrap-up party to watch episode 15, and the turnout was crazy!

qot wrapup party crowd
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Fans and reporters alike gathered in numbers so vast that the sidewalks could barely contain the overflowing crowd, all waiting for a glimpse of the stars who have become household names thanks to the drama’s sweeping success.

Even Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won — the series’ beloved leads who are pretty used to fame — were surprised by the huge crowd.

kim ji won wrpup party shocked

Kim Ji Won showed up first, and the crowd erupted the second she stepped out of her car. Dressed in a chic white blazer adorned with golden buttons, paired seamlessly with classic denim jeans and a simple black belt, she exuded a casual yet sophisticated charm that perfectly matched the event.

kim ji won wrpup party

Not long after, Kim Soo Hyun made his entrance. Sporting a modern black tunic paired with sleek trousers and white sneakers, he greeted the fans with waves and warm smiles, his popularity undiminished by his approachable, down-to-earth demeanor. The crowd’s response was just as warm, with fans screaming his name.

kim soo hyun wrapup party

Both leads took time to engage with the fans, cutely posing for photos and just soaking up the good vibes.

Kim Soo Hyun even delighted the fans by shouting out one of the most loved lines in the K-Drama.

Supporting cast members, including Park Sung Hoon, who masterfully plays the show’s antagonist Yoon Eun Sung, also joined the celebration. Park’s request that fans separate their feelings for his character from those for him was met with laughter and good-natured teasing, pointing to the strong rapport between the cast and their audience.

park sung hoon

As the penultimate episode looms, anticipation hangs heavily in the air. Not only is the storyline at its peak, but viewers and industry insiders alike are curious to see if the finale’s viewership will break records.

Queen of Tears

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