Kim Soo Hyun mentions his daily schedule during Caffe Bene’s fan meet in China

Hallyu actor, Kim Soo Hyun, talked about his daily schedule during Caffe Bene‘s promotional press event and fan meet in China. On December 7th, numerous Chinese media outlets reported on the occurrence of the fan-meet, and in particular, about Kim Soo Hyun’s daily lifestyle during his free time.

According the Chinese reports, Kim Soo Hyun humbly answered the question about how he maintains his popularity, saying, “I don’t know. I feel like I was lucky with the projects. I was happy that the characters I play are loved by many.

He also added to the question about how his daily schedule was like as a top star, “Despite the increased interest and fancy images portrayed in front of the camera, my daily schedule is pretty much the same as any other person. Like every college student or those in their early 20s, I don’t have any particular expectations.”

The actor mentioned that he enjoys sports and working out during his free time, stating, “I love using my body. Appropriate work-out, bowling, badminton, and skiing are my favorites.”

Meanwhile, the fans already can’t wait for Kim Soo Hyun’s next project as he is reportedly still looking for one.

Source: MBN TV