Kim Soo Hyun Has Just Been Discharged From The Military

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Actor Kim Soo Hyun was been discharged from the military on the morning of July 1st in front of the Pyeonghwauijong in Paju, Gyeonggi-do.


Kim Soo Hyun has been described as a model soldier due to his exemplary work ethic and dedication. He was originally designated as a 4th-class soldier due to a heart condition he had when he was a child, but he requested a re-examination due to his desire to serve in active duty, and was eventually designated 1st-class and enlisted in active duty.

He also showed excellent results in the military, carrying out high-risk missions as part of the 1st division in the Military Demarcation Line and the Southern Limit Line. Only the top 0.1% of soldiers are selected to be part of this division.


Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun has already signed an exclusive contract as the model for a beauty brand prior to his discharge and has been reviewing numerous drama and movie offers of all types of genres.


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Source: Joongang Ilbo