Kim Soo Hyun’s look-alike made his debut as a star in China

Lu Yen Jiu has garnered the public’s attention in China as a doppelgänger of the popular Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun. On January 11th, his popularity as a look-alike was broadcast on SBS 2015 New Year’s Special‘s Secret Behind Chinese Wealth – The Power of Counterfeit. 

Lu Yen Jiu initially earned much attention after his appearance on a Chinese program on July 25th of 2014 for looking alike to Kim Soo Hyun. He revealed, “When working in an insurance company and before debuting I used to be very poor with an unstable income. After paying off my rent, water, and electricity fees, I would have no money left to spend. I only had coins in my bag.”

Soon after his appearance on the show last year, he was quickly raised to stardom. Although it has not even been a year since his debut, he has already took 8 commercial ads. Some Chinese netizens have criticized him for being “Fake Kim Soo Hyun.”

Lu Yen Jiu responded to the criticism, “Everyone knows that I’m not the real, but the fake one. That gave me more motivation to work harder. Since everyone knows I’m fake, they will pay more attention to how I will improve.”

He also thanked Kim Soo Hyun, “I’m really thankful to Kim Soo Hyun. You are a big influence and fan to women as well as to me. You have changed one person’s life. My life has changed by following you. My lifestyle has become better and so has my financial stability improved. I am able to help my family as well.”

Korean netizens’ comments varied, mostly echoing comments such as, “In what way does he look like Kim Soo Hyun,” “I still don’t get the craze over Kim Soo Hyun,” “China’s scale is amazingly big,” and more.

Source: Newsen